Keep it a Secret Records

Deep End - Isolated Actions EP

Release Date: 05/06/2021

DEEP END is a five-piece melodic punk band from Tampere, Finland, established in 2018. All of the members have a long history of playing in different punk and hardcore bands (e.g. ABDUKTIO, MANIFESTO JUKEBOX, ONE HIDDEN FRAME, REMISSIONS, VAPAA MAA, ARMAGEDDON CLOCK, ATOM NOTES, KAUPUNGIN VALOT, NONE WOULD REMAIN) and being a part of the Finnish DIY punk scene. Their music is heavily influenced by the Fat Wreck and Epitaph bands of the 90s that they spent their teenage years listening to. The purpose of this band is to play simple and catchy punk rock with a positive message, and they do that with all their hearts, while DIY ethics and social awareness are an important part of the band as well.

Their debut EP is limited to 200 copies on black vinyl. The release is a collaborative effort of Thug Free Records, Evil Corporation and Fast Decade Records (all Finland), as well as Intersphere Records and Keep it a Secret Records (KSR020) from Germany.