Keep it a Secret Records

Simon Wells - Crime of the Scene CD/LP

Solo debut of Simon Wells (Southport, Ex-Snuff) "Crime Of The Scene". Available on black vinyl, gatefold, and CD, directly imported from the UK.

Taken from Chopback's bandcamp page:
"Drawing arrangement influences from the likes of James Taylor, Van Morrison and Howlin Wolf, Crime Of The Scene is an acoustic album with finely crafted and poignant lyrics. Acoustic guitar, piano, bass, drums and viola are sparsely utilised to support Simon’s gravelly and soulful vocals."


1. Slide (5:01)
2. The Last Time (4:00)
3. All At Sea (3:40)
4. Somehow (2:58)
5. Optimism (4:29)
6. Don’t Look Back (4:01)
7. Calypso (6:13)
8. Best Of Me (5:40)
9. Fade Away (4:15)
10. Turn It Up (3:22)
11. Hold On (3:36)